6 Apr 2014

Immejurkie. Zeh drresss

Ven joe go to ee foreen cuntrieh joe meeeta soo menniee zifferent peoples. Iet iez amaazzink. And zeeh wear soo menniee zifferent drressseees! Zet is even more amaazzink I believ. I zienk ze French are magnificenta. Twenty five years ago I met zies vurry attractivv French lawyerrr and e wazz ze best. Also e waz vurry rich. E told me ies girlfren in paries iez soo skinnyh he can take er evrywherra. I zought “I can imazzinne ven joe arr soo skinny jou fit in evry chair and beddd and pretty drrresss and evrythink soo zat must be vhy.” But zet was not vhy. E said to mee, nonono, she iez soo skinnieh and zat makes er sooo representatiivve – soo I can take er evrywhere. Zen e told mee e zought I was sooo attractiv becoz I look so much like e fat rubens. Zank joe. Ze other day I looked iem up on ze google and ie is still vurry rich and ie has skinnie babies wiz ies grass hopperrr madame. But ie also looked like a garden gnome. Zet ies my revenge for iem telling me my dresses arr so rubens. Ie should see me now Immejurkie and ie will regrrrett iet. 

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