14 Oct 2014

The Bright Side of Still

Still. The meaning of still is as brief as the word itself. You’re through its sound as well as its meaning in no time. It’s a word I’ve been hearing a lot lately.
Enjoy while you still can.
So good you can still do everything.
You’re still a way from…
You’re still ok aren’t you, no tremor yet?
Oh well there is still a chance they will find a cure (this is a rather long ‘still’ – perhaps even too long).
Are your meds still doing what they’re supposed to do?
Can you still do your work reasonably well?
Have you still not accepted it? For most people, this case of ‘still not’ lasts far toooo looonnggg.
You still have a hard time dealing with it, haven’t you?
Still is short, never is long. Never is a very long time when you lose somebody or something or your health. Still is synonymous to a frigtheningly short time.
Wonder what is followed by ‘still’, what comes after the period you’re in now?
Something worse still, I guess.

Then again, there might still be many, many, happy years to come.There's still my talent to write. Still happy to write. Still great to be a wife, mother and friend. So what comes after the present? Something better still, I guess.

I suppose it's up to me & my support team (husband & children) to keep walking on the bright side of Still.

With thanks to Ros, our Freundin, who made me look for the Bright Side of Still.

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